FOLIO is developed through a community collaboration of libraries, vendors and developers, coming together to build the open-source library services platform. The community of libraries is central to the development of FOLIO’s strategic product roadmap, direction and governance. Libraries subject matter expertise to development of FOLIO and inform the features and functionality across the different FOLIO domains.


The FOLIO microservices system architecture supports development efforts and contributions from multiple teams, which can constitute different libraries and / or service providers who work in parallel and focus on their area of expertise. As a result, the platform can be extended by different developers to deliver new and improved services to users. FOLIO has been developed for interoperability and includes APIs to support external functions.


FOLIO features a modern user interface that provides for an easy and intuitive way to understand the workflows, the presentation of information and navigation within the system.

Service choice-oriented

FOLIO is supported via an ‘open source as a service’ model, which allows the library to implement FOLIO independently or choose among multiple service organizations to provide implementation, hosting and support services. The library can therefore operate a fully supported open source solution, with a complete range of services available from a provider of the library’s choosing.

Last modified February 26, 2021